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Welcome to Ricci's Realm of Insanity


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Weirdness Unraveled

Here I'll tell you about my plan to conquer the world. I'm just kidding!

Now this part is just about me. My name is Ricci but everyone spells it different. I am 17. I love all kinds of music actually, I am quite eccentric. I'm not a vegi kid or vegan or anything like that. I just don't eat red meat. I like meeting new people and just going out and acting stupid and having fun. I am corporate America's fast food slave. And thats enough about me ( I can see I am boring you to death).

me at the fair

I like music. It's my fav thing ever. I'm addicted to the internet. I like being crazy and spending time with my friends. My site will never improve. Its going to stay like this forever. I know you don't find me interesting you are leaving my page right now because there is no point in this webpage at all. I'm quite an odd one too.

My beliefs shall be discussed in this paragraph. I am against neo-nazis. They suck. I am anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-life, pro-homosexuality. I am very, very against abortions. Anyone who has an abortion, gives someone else an abortion, or supports women who have abortions (in my eyes) is a murderer. I believe in God. We are very tight buds. I would not call myself a Christian because I do not want to be stuck with that stereotype and then called a hypocrite because I don't live up to what everyone thinks of as a "perfect Christian." I am also anti-patriotism. I find it upseting that people love a country so much when all the country actually does is fuck you over.


This will narrow down my music choices. I like hard-core everything, Christian or Metal.Punk, punk, punk. Emo is good. I got Alkaline Trio's autograph at Warped Tour. Woohoo. I like old rock. I like alternative and SOME pop. I am not really up with Britney Spears and stuff like that. I like music from theater. I like classical sometimes and some old country when me and my friends are being stupid. I like just about everything. Old r&b and jazz. I don't really like rap but sometimes its ok. Thats just about it.

Just stuff

I play guitar and piano. I have a black electric Fender guitar. I like it but I want a better one. I have no job so that means no money so that means no new guitar. I don't really know that much about guitars so don't be asking about anything like that. I know the basics and that's about it.

Click here to go to a site that actually knows about guitars.

I like club dancing. The fast, throw-yourself-around type of stuff. I'm also a superb booty dancer. I can dance like a black chick. FOR REAL! hahaha. I took ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop dance lessons. Thats just about the only extracurricular (other than the school plays) that I am interested in. I like to do new things. I also want to bungee jump and skydive. I am an adrenaline junkie.