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Welcome to Ricci's Realm of Insanity
Sibling Rivalry

Actually me and my litte ones don't argue(that often). But they are awesome. Thats why I now am making a page just for them.


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This is Evan. He is eight. He is an awesome little kid. He always says "It doesn't matter what they think. It just matters what you think." Hes a third grader. Woohoo. I remember when he was little. Its so sad that hes growing up so fast. He is my brother with my step-mom and dad. So he is actually my half-brother. He is a little football, basketball and baseball player. He's starting to like girls. He's got the worst attitude ever and has no respect for anyone. But he's a boy, what do you expect?


Now here is Sophia. She is 5 now.October 3rd is her birthday. She is my sister with my mom and step-dad. So her and Evan aren't even really related. She is adorable though she can get annoying when she wants to hang out in my room. She always watched Emperor's New Groove with me cause its an awesome movie. But she won't let me dye her hair and make her a "punker" kid. She spoiled to death and I'm the only one in the entire house who disciplines her.


This is John Elliot but we are calling him Elliot. He was born Dec.7th, 2001 which was 3 weeks early. He weighed 6lbs.1oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. He's so adorable! He has a ton of blonde hair and no one knows where he got it from. He is Evan's brother so he is my dad and step-mom's kid.