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Welcome to Ricci's Realm of Insanity


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In My Dreams

These are my dream boys... in one way or another. Some are hot and some just seem cool. Now these are all famous guys that I have never even met so I can't say much about them as people. I can just talk about their looks, which are good enough for me. Hehe...just kidding.

First off, there is Deryck Whibley, vocals/guitar for Sum41. Gotta love those "punk" guys!


Now comes the only actual teenage heartthrob that will appear on this page... and I present, JOSH HARTNETT!


Tom Delonge of Blink 182 is my Chuck lookalike and that is the only reason I think he is hot.


Hes a little crude, plus hes married. But GAWD is he sexy! And here he is... Coyote Shivers.