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Welcome to Ricci's Realm of Insanity
Weirdness Unraveled
The Royal Servants
Sibling Rivalry
In My Dreams
Kool Klix
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Seen Through Crazy Eyes
My Own Poseur Debate

I just want to let the world know what I'm up to

I have pictures up here now.But anyway, I will tell you about me (not that it is interesting) but I'm not forcing you to be here.

This is the beginning of my page. You may e-mail me anytime about anything. Sign my guestbook too if you shall feel the need.


My Photo Albums

This here is the link to my photo albums where I have over 100 pictures of my friends and about 70 of me... and you get to see the people from my cruise. Its like an addition to this site. I never update it anymore because they want to make me pay money now. Suck


This is Shasdene. I will hope to update this page whenever I get around to it.

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This is where I write about stuff that is probably not interesting to you in any way.

I will put an entry here whenever I update or something important happens. Like this:

On october 18th i made this page. it is quite boring but it will get better.
I've been working on this page for a week and now I'm publishing it.
It's June and I am just getting around to updating this page with all my pics.

heres my guestbook. sign away!

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